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Be the Star You Are!
by Jenny Case and Kai Esbensen

Be the Star You Are!
by Frankie Laine

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The Business of Show Business
by Frankie Laine


Lyrics to Be the Star You  Are!
by Jenny Case and Kai Esbensen
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Be The Star You Are!

Trust in your heart, believe in your voice
You make the change when you make the choice
Dream up your destiny, own the plan
You know that you will, when you know that you can

Never give up, never give in
The ones who will work are the ones who will win
Create the impossible, answer the call
Go for your everything, give it your all

Be the star you are, the star you are
Be the star you are, you are the star

Make the journey, take the risk, ask for what you need
Turn setbacks into comebacks, believe and you'll succeed

Hold up your head, look for the signs
You'll find all you need in the light that shines
Believe in yourself in all that you do
And you'll be the star that's shining for you

Be the star you are, the star you are
Be the star you are, you are the star

Be the star you are, the star you are
Be the star you are, you are the star

[Keep daring, keep caring
Keep moving, improving
Keep giving, keep living]

    You are the star
You are the star

I cannot compliment the writers of this song, Jenny and Kai, enough. These lyrics always inspire and encourage me whenever I look them over. I work as a department manager for an investment company, Fisher Investments. I wanted to let you know that I have printed the lyrics, put them in a nice little frame and have hung it prominently in the break room. We do quite well, but as you can imagine it can be a very stressful job and everybody needs a "pick-me-up" every now and then. Whenever someone is utterly knackered, I just tell them to go take a breather in the break room, read the lyrics on the wall and return to their desk when they're feeling a little revived. Never fails! So, thanks for all that you do and be sure to let the teen writers know their words help keep my office humming along and we've never been so successful!
-Best regards, Michael Daniels Fisher Investments

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