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California is on Fire


Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity's mission statement could be condensed into three simple words, they would be "positive message media." This goal takes many forms. Promoting literacy is one, and broadcasting weekly with inspiring content through Express Yourself! Teen Radio and StarStyle® Radio is another. The approach that most directly touches lives, however, is our OPERATION DISASTER RELIEF Outreach Program.

Be the Star you Are!® (also known as BTSYA) was one of the first nonprofits on the ground after 9/11. Its objective in 2001 has continued through 2017when devastating hurricanes and fires ravaged America. BTSYA rushed to provide victims of any and all disasters with books and other uplifting resources that would offer solace, hope, healing, and humor.

Books are extremely appreciated by victims of disasters they suffer unimaginable losses. Books, especially the ones we donate that always carry positive messages, allow these individuals to immerse themselves in another world–one where they can escape the horrific events that have just transpired. This is the reason that we volunteers at BTSYAbelieve that books are a little-known but much-needed, much desired, and much-treasured resource for victims. We must get them shipped to every victim we can as soon as possible.

To that end, Be the Star You Are!® has launched a critical Operation Wildfire Disaster Relief Campaign. 2018 is a devastating wildfire season in California with a death toll that just keeps on rising and the fires continue to grow and burn. The destruction of homes and livelihoods is happening as we speak. We desperately need you to help us help those in distress by donating funds to procure books and the shipping fees that we will send to victims.

Time is of the essence.

We implore you to open your hearts and donate today! Make a DONATION through PAYPAL GIVING FUND and PAYPAL with 100% going to BTSYA with NO FEES:

or send a check to:Be the Star you Are! Disaster Relief

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556.

We will email you a tax receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Victims of wildfires have just suffered the most unexpected and devastating losses of their lives; by donating to BTSYA, you have the ability to reach out to them and let them know–even if you never meet them–that you care and will do whatever you can to help.

Donate today! From all of us volunteers at the TOP RATED Non Profit, Be the Star You Are!®, we send our gratitude.

With appreciation,

Joven Hundal and Siri PhaneendraCo-Chairpersons

Operation Wildfire Disaster Relief Campaign

Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity

PO Box 376

Moraga, California 94556


California is burning


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