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May 22, 2020REMEMBER! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!MIRACLE MOMENT® “You will be remembered forever by the tracks you leave.”~  Navajo saying MESSAGE FROM CYNTHIA BRIAN, Founder/Executive Director “Have a great holiday weekend!” Josh, our Voice America Radio engineer said to me after our broadcast on Wednesday. “Holiday?” I retorted. “What holiday?” “It’s Memorial Day…BBQ time,” responded josh.  Wow! I had totally forgotten about Memorial Day as we enter our 11th week of lock-down amidst this Covid-19 virus. Like most people, Memorial Day has always been a day of remembrance and a harbinger of the summer to come. In normal times, I celebrate with a BBQ with family and friends or enjoy a three day weekend get-away. Not this year! On Monday, May 25th, 2020, my husband and I will honor the occasion in our backyard being grateful for health and remembering all the great occasions we have shared with others over the years. There is a silver lining to this pandemic. I believe that people are appreciating family, friends, health, work, and simple daily routines more than ever before. It’s so easy to take life for granted, until we don’t have a life. During sheltering-at-home, why not start growing your own food or plant pretty flowers to elevate your mood?  If you want to start gardening or learn more about it, check out any of these published articles. Get outside, exercise, breathe, and live. On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, get a dose of inspiration and energy to boost your business and your life with a broadcast I did on Business Access with host Thiago De Souza. Here’s the link which will be LIVE on May 26th, but not before!: Bid on our online auction to promote your business, services, and products through June 20. More items will be added in the next week by iConnectx. Visit Coronavirus has stopped the world. Perhaps now we will treasure one another more and understand the importance of taking care of our planet. We are on borrowed time. Since most of the globe has been sheltering-in-place, our earth is healing. In the next month as places open and people return to work, we must remember with clarity these past three months and do our part to save our species. While we thank our Armed Forces for their sacrifice and service on Memorial Day, we salute First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and those in the front lines helping others through this rabid Covid-19, including Grocery Store Clerks, Postal Workers, Delivery Drivers, and all Essential Service Employees. We never realized how many people are necessary to make our world function. Thank you to our veterans, active service members, first responders, and our healthcare heroes. When the crisis has ceased, life as we know it will be different. Let’s not forget any lessons learned. Let’s be vigilant, caring, respectful, kind, and grateful. Let’s leave tracks of hope and love. Enjoy your weekend. Let’s Remember.  Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay sane. Stay home. In solidarity, Cynthia Brian Founder/Executive Director Be the Star You Are!® PO Box 376 Moraga, California 94556 P.S. During the lock-down, I am available for consultations, webinars, interviews, or speaking via on-line sources only. If interested, email or visit DONATE: WRITER WEDNESDAYS & SUPER SMART SUNDAYS As part of our Be the Star You Are! Disaster Relief Outreach program, Be the Star You Are!® has collaborated with the Authors Guild to showcase the new books launched by many authors from around the country in a variety of genres. We will also be showcasing artists, actors, and musicians, all of whom had had their gigs canceled and are out of work. We believe in supporting creativity and believe that books, art, music, and film provide escape and joy, especially during tough times. For the next few months, make sure you are tuned in to both StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® on Wednesdays at 4pm PT for “Writers Wednesdays” LIVE as well as our teen program, Express Yourself!™ airing on Sundays at 3pm PT for “Super Smart Sundays”, See photos and descriptions of the shows and guests at Both programs broadcast on the Voice America Network, Empowerment Channel and will be archived on that site as well as iTunes, Stitcher, etc. It’s a giant artistic festival! ONLINE AUCTION If you want to jumpstart your business, service, or promote your products, IConnectx has created an online auction to benefit Be the Star You Are!® with opportunities for LIVe or pre-recorded radio interviews and phone or online consultations with Cynthia Brian. More auction items will be added in the following days. Auction ends on June 20th so start bidding right away to win. Visit: THE IMPORTANCE OF LITERACY, the Basics by Stephanie Cogeos The basic definition of literacy is the ability to read and write. But it is also the ability to use those skills to understand, interpret, create and communicate effectively.  Literacy, in general, is vital to the growth and functioning and development of an individual, a culture, a society. Basic reading skills, starting at an early age, create opportunities for growth and continued learning throughout adulthood. Literacy aids in developing a strong sense of well-being and self-image. It allows one to make better sense of what is being said or written. It gives one the ability to create and contribute to a society.  Individuals who are literate can pull themselves out of negative situations or environments. It allows them to work, to learn and find higher job/career opportunities. Individuals who are not literate or have low literacy skills will have problems reading a book/newspaper or even understanding road signs or price labels, a bus timetable, job applications or even labels on medicine bottles. They may not be able to use the internet. Literacy is vital. Literacy also affects peoples’ health and wellbeing. The more knowledge one has and knowing how to use that knowledge is critical in living a healthy and productive life. People without education are more prone to health problems and criminality. Understanding the world around us or at least trying to, is a little easier when one can use language and read and educate oneself and make ones’ own decisions based on what one learns.  Our society is very technologically oriented and one can find oneself lost in all of this. The more knowledge one has, the more a person has the ability to learn new skills and improve themselves and keep up with a changing society.  There are so many advantages to being literate. It is also fun and enjoyable to be able to learn new things and explore new ideas. Being literate effects many parts of a society and the people in that society. We should do everything we can to combat illiteracy. Read Book Reviews by our Volunteers Volunteer Stephanie Cogeos is our Book Review coordinator. She is now doing research to provide resources for the public to learn about the importance of literacy, positive media messages, and empowering women families, and youth. You can keep up with the resources at this link: BOOK REVIEWS for KIDS Our partner, The Reading Tub, publishes thousands of reviews for kids books, many written by BTSYA volunteers. Check it out: LINKS YOU CAN USE Positive Results: About Us: Programs: How to Help: Blog: Events: Contact us: GREAT NON PROFITS REVIEWS: GUIDESTAR/CANDID: We invite you to volunteer, get involved, or make a donation. Make a DONATION through PAYPAL GIVING FUND and PAYPAL with 100% going to BTSYA with NO FEES: What tracks are you leaving? BE A LIFELONG LEARNER We are thrilled and grateful to Thiago DeSouza for creating a new video for Be the Star You Are!® based on our mission of encouraging everyone to be a life-long learner. Check out our video on Youtube at Cynthia Brian is a guest on Episode 4 of Business Access with Thiago where the motto is “Give Your Business the Mic!” Listen on May 26th at  (The above link won't work until May 26th or later, or bookmark it) Thiago will be guest on StarStyle® Radio to talk about positivity on July 8th at 4:15pm Pt. Listen at NEED A POSITIVE OUTLOOK-BUY OUR BOOKS! If you need a dose of inspiration, humor, and positivity, check out our books at All of the money from purchases benefits Be the Star You Are!® and you get extra goodies when you buy direct. Plus, these are first editions and can be custom autographed for you. www.StarStyleStore.Net Raise your eyes to the STARS and shine! SHOP ONLINE WITHOUT A MASK! Since we need to stay at home and only go out when absolutely necessary, these are on-line shopping portals that will sell you what you need, offer discounts, and assist our mission as a nonprofit. Please use these web sites for all of your shopping essentials,  1. AmazonSmile donates .5% of purchases 2. Discounted books at Amazon: 3. Giving Assistant: Shop. Earn. Give! Use Giving Assistant to earn cash at 3500+ popular online stores, then donate a percentage to BTSYA: & buy from your favorite stores.  4. Search and GoodShop: Choose Be the Star You Are as your charity to support. You can log in with Facebook, too! 5. 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