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Teen Life and Teens Tutor Teens

“It’s rough being a teenager in this day and age.”

― Kay Panabaker


Express Yourself! examines teen life and a free program for tutoring by teens. Nerd extraordinaire, Keerthi, starts the show with a humorous segment on a journey through teenhood and an accurate biography of teen lives! She announces, “Ladies, gentlemen, and the indescribable enigma that is high school lunchroom mac 'n' cheese—I stand before you today as the humble ambassador of Teenhood, the grand connoisseur of awkward encounters, and the undisputed champion of meme-worthy moments. Yes, my fellow adolescents, we are gathered here in the grand amphitheater of teenage tribulations to celebrate the rollercoaster ride that is our collective teenage existence.” After Keerthi provides an overview of the chaos and amusements of teenage years, she interviews the President of the Georgia chapter of Teens Tutor Teens, Meryl, who expertly explains the importance of free tutoring for teens. Meryl is very well-spoken and a passionate ambassador for the Teens Tutor Teens program. Be the Star You Are!® collaborates with the Georgia chapter. Highly motivated teens provide FREE help for all subjects for kindergarteners through twelfth grade. Meryl plans on following a medical track in college and she cares deeply about interacting with students. Sign up to get a FREE Tutor for whatever subject you need at



Bio: Meryl

As the current president of TTT GA, Meryl is responsible for overseeing all tutor and tutee interactions within the chapter. In monitoring weekly tutoring sessions, hosting monthly chapter meetings, collaborating with the other chapter heads, and advocating for the GA chapter at the national level, Meryl is an active member of TTT and always keeps the group’s mission of expanding free education in mind. Her time at TTT has grown her passion for service, which she plans to employ as an aspiring physician. Additionally, Meryl applies her leadership experiences to other positions in school-led organizations and other non-profit groups. As a young, female leader, Meryl hopes to inspire other females of her generation to engage in community service and strengthen their leadership skills. Bio About Teens Tutor Teens:

The GA chapter of Teens Tutor Teens has established both state and international partnerships to spread our tutoring services. For example, we have partnered with Raising A Scholar, a Zambian-based educational organization, and Project Access, a U.S. based aftercare program, to give our tutors chances to provide virtual education to students of these groups. In addition to tutoring, we prioritize leadership and outreach opportunities for our members. With monthly outreach assignments, leadership workshops, and effective communication between tutors, chapter heads, and the executive board, Teens Tutor Teens hopes to grow into an organization that provides accessible tutoring to a sizable audience. Specifically, TTT GA collaborates with Be the Star You Are!® to foster literacy to all youth throughout the nation.

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