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 We ask for your support and donations. 







During this 2020 pandemic of Covid-19, the BTSYA Disaster Relief Outreach will focus on providing radio interviews with new authors, artists, actors, & activists to provide entertainment, information, empowerment, and education to the world.  Visit StarStyle® Radio and Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio to tune in. Enjoy STAYING HOME!

Whenever a natural  disaster occurs, Be the Star You Are!® charity mobilizes to ship books, DVD's. games, puzzles, videos, and other resources to the evacuees and victims through our Operation Disaster Relief Programs in an effort to assist with the emotional and mental recovery. We CARE and SHARE. Read how BTSYA is Making a Difference:  .
























With every disaster, once that emergency services are in place including food, medical aid, shelter, and clothing, Be the Star You Are!® goes into action to get books to schools, shelters, organizations, libraries, and individuals in need of hope, healing, and humor. PLEASE HELP.  A DONATION of $25 ships a small box of books, $100 buys and ships a case of 28 brand new books to anywhere in the USA.























"Victims of wildfires have just suffered the most unexpected and devastating losses of their lives. By donating to BTSYA, you have the ability to reach out to them and let them know–even if you never meet them–that you care and will do whatever you can to help. Donate today!" Joven Hundal, Chair, Operation Fire Disater Relief Program, Host and Reporter on Express Yourself! Teen Radio 



These were the Major 2018 California Wildfires. BTSYA provided resources where needed. Our teen volunteers and Express Yourself!™ Radio hosts, Joven and Siri spearheaded the relief efforts. For information on how you can help for any future disasters, email If you are an organization or shelter that we can help. EMAIL US.



Names of 2018 Major California Wildfires: 

  1. Cranston Fire 

  2. Valley Fire 

  3. Georges Fire 

  4. Owens Fire 

  5. Ferguson Fire  

  6. Bumper Fire 

  7. Omega Fire 

  8. Sunset Fire 

  9. Steele Fire  

  10. Butte Fire 

  11. River Fire 

  12. Ranch Fire 

  13. Carr Fire  

  14. Whaleback Fire  

  15. Corner Fire 

  16. Mendocino Fire

  17. Delta Fire

  18. Hirz

  19. Hornbrook

  20. Camp/Paradise

  21. Woolsey/Malibu






David Hancock, Morgan James Publishing

Monique Muhlenkamp, New World Library

Diana Zimmerman, Author Kandide

Cynthia Brian, StarStyle® Productions, LLC

Robin Mayhall








“I am so grateful to be leading BTSYA’s Operation Fire Disaster Relief Program with my fellow volunteers and donating books to the survivors of the California wildfires. Let us all come together and make a difference in the world. Hope we all can pitch in and make this world a better place. A message for the survivors - Stay strong!~Siri Phaneendra, Co-Chair of Operation Fire Disaster Relief Program, Reporter and Host on Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio.


All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made directly from our website at or make a DONATION through PAYPAL GIVING FUND and PAYPAL with 100% going to BTSYA with NO FEES: . Checks may be sent to PO Bx 376, Moraga, California 94556. You will receive an email donation tax receipt, 

















"Wonderful work you are doing in support of the fire victims. " Bud billanich,The Common Sense Guy


 "Bless you for jumping in as you always do when someone is in need. My heart breaks for the families and the devastation caused." Mardi Potts

























Cynthia, many thanks for your dedication to helping those in need.” Joan Bruzzone


Thank you for helping those who are suffering with these devastating disasters.


Watch our Video:
















"When disaster strikes, it's easy to send prayers ,

watch the news, or  complain about how our world is 

becoming more and more dismal. It's harder, but also so

much more rewarding to send hope as well as concrete help.  I drove to Napa and Solano countries with other BTSYA volunteers to deliver boxes of books to evacuation centers housing people who fled their homes after the fires in California.  What I learned that day is the in the more dire of circumstances, our only source of hope is to help each other. Hope heals." Zahra Hasanain, volunteer and radio reporter on Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio.


What a wonderful thing you are doing for those in need. I am proud to be a new member of Be the Star You Are!” Kimberly Morgan 


“Just a quick word of thanks for all you are doing to support those who are hurting.  Blessings to you for reaching out!” Karen Kitchel  


Thanks to your generosity, we were able to donate approximately the following in goods and books:

2017: $11,300

2018: $13,900

2019: $48,400

With your continued support, BTSYA will continue to help

those in need. THANK YOU!




Testimonials from BENEFICIARIES of Hurricanes and Fires


     "With everything the kids have gone through these particular books are very inspiring! Thank you so            much. This is amazing!" Oroville Hope Center Camp Fire 2018 


  • "Thank you again for your generosity and compassion. It is efforts just like this that redefine the term “neighbor,” and we are so blessed to have neighbors like you!" Courtney Frost-Tadlock, MPA, Community Relations Coordinator, Northwest Assistance Ministries, Houston, Texas


  • "The Lions of district 4-C1 are very grateful for your donation of books for adults and children.. With your support, we were able to assist approximately 800 families that were affected by the Carr, Hirz, Hornbrook, and Delta fires. We thank you for "being there" for our community in a time of urgent need. Forever grateful, Susan Kerr, District Governor


  • “Thank for your generous gift of books to Greenbriar Children’s Center. The girls and boys at our Early Childhood Education Centers will enjoy these books for years to come. Your commitment to empowering children through reading will make a positive impact to improve literacy in our community. By providing your helping hand, you have helped displaced children in our community weather a crisis. You are a blessing to the agency.” Gena Taylor, Executive Director, Greenbriar Children’s Center, Savannah, Georgia


  • We received the beautiful books you sent to First Books of Beaufort to help us with Hurricane Relief. Thank you so much!” Peg Schlichtemeier, First Books of Beaufort, South Carolina


  • The books are beautiful!! Thank you again for the generous donation! Those books will be a wonderful gift for the many children we serve this Christmas.” Nadine King, Christmas Come True, Florida


  • “Thank you so much for your shipments! These will make great gifts and we are really excited that we can get them to the kids. They are great books !!!!” Vincent J. DelMonte, Executive Director, Frank Callen Boys & Girls Clubs



Teens Packing boxes for Hurricne Relif
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