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Avoiding Food Waste, Feeding the Planet with Love, Peace, and Vegetables

“If we change the criteria for purchasing all foods in public schools, and buy directly from the farmers and ranchers that are caring for the land regeneratively, we will address climate change and teach the next generation the values of nourishment, stewardship, and community.”- Alice Waters

Rose and Ruhani host a program about limiting your food waste while learning how to use nutritious foods in new ways. Maggie reiterates the statistic according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the average American generated about 219 pounds (99 kg) of food waste and gives us her simple strategies to eliminate waste from a teen’s perspective. The hosts interview Marcela Tobal Benson who has published one of the most beautiful books we’ve ever seen. Love, Peace and Vegetables is the result of Marcela’s journey to realization, beginning as a child in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a mashup of Syrian and Israeli Jewish parentage, and the South American cosmopolitan upbringing of Buenos Aires, she was the embodiment of cross-cultural influences, embracing ritual, family, and culture of all. The book is filled with arresting art, poetry, spiritual inspiration, pristine eating food prep instruction, gorgeous photography of luscious dishes, and hundreds of yummy recipes that will entice the pallet. It is a guidebook for self-love and a manual for adding more love and peace into the world. Marcela unselfishly shares her secrets to optimum health and happiness through fresh, organic meals. In the final segment, Rose discusses how she learned about growing her own food and eating healthily through the Alice Waters Edible Schoolyard program offered at her school. Maintaining a school garden results in nutrition lessons that become a consistent, built-in part of students’ educational experience. When children spend days, weeks, and months growing their own food and maintaining a proper garden, they eat more healthily and feel empowered. Find peace and love with vegetables and healthy food. Treat your body with wellness. Bring your heart and soul into the kitchen.

Bios: Marcela Tobal Benson, M.A.

Marcela Tobal Benson, M.A. is a Spiritual Nutrition Counselor based in Miami Beach, Florida.

As one of the world’s leading teachers in the conscious eating movement, Marcela has been instrumental in carrying the knowledge to an international audience, inspiring nutrition revolutions across the globe. Marcela studied under Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D (H), D.D at Cousens School of Holistic Wellness, where she graduated with mastery in Spiritual Nutrition, specializing in spiritual fasting and healing diabetes naturally.

Marcela holds an M.A. in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition from the University of Integrated Science California. She has a background in Ayurvedic science, Amazonian herbalism, crystal, zero-point energy healing, Chinese tonic herbalism, bio-resonance, biofeedback, and frequencies for harmonization and holistic wellness. Marcela holds a certificate of Ordination from the Essene Order of Light of the School of Melchizadek. She is certified as a Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner and completed a “Heal the Healers” intensive with Premier Research Labs. Professor David Wagner, the creator, and founder of Tachyon Technologies, personally mentored Marcela as a therapist. In addition, she is qualified as a trainer and teaches workshops in pain management, emotional release, and pain body release to aspiring practitioners.

Marcela was the Coordinator and Principal Teacher of Tree of Life Miami and South America and is the only graduate teacher in the region. Her healing recipes have appeared in a number of bestselling health and wellness books, both in Spanish and English — including the second edition of There Is A Cure For Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D(H)., D.D., and Nutricion Inteligente by Sacha Barrios, which sold 26,000 copies in six months.

Marcela is the author of Love, Peace & Vegetables: Recipes for Conscious Living. This Magnus opus holds more than 18 years of research in the field of body, mind, spirit and vegan nutrition. She brings this knowledge together as an exquisitely designed book that includes lifestyle advice, inspiration, affirmations, tips, menus, over 150 Live-Food, Vegan recipes, original art, and color pictures. Marcela teaches us how to structure water and our kitchen for holistic health and the power behind these upgrades. The book is an inspiration that will guide the reader to create delicious, healthy, and balanced meals that can heal us and change our lives for the better. Her book is a celebration of compassion, love, and peace.

Marcela is a passionate poet, mystic, and alchemist in the kitchen. She is the mother of two amazing grownups and a spiritual mother to many of her students. With more than 22 years in professional practice, students praise her passion, devotion, and encyclopedic knowledge, as well as her willingness to teach from her own life experiences.


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