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Cancel Culture

“The cancel culture is born of the inability of an opinion to withstand the scrutiny of thoughtful debate." - Craig D. Lounsbrough

Does anyone understand what cancel culture means? Hosts Julia and Keerthi dive in to help us understand. Julia starts it off by talking about how technology is both perpetuating cancel culture and the solution to the issue. Social media is the ultimate gossip party where everyone's invited. That's where cancel culture got its full powers. Cancel culture thrives when we're surrounded by opinions that match ours, yet there's an entire world out there with different points of view. Keerthi weighs in on how cancel culture has the potential to inadvertently promote the very ideas it seeks to suppress. When you try to silence someone or something, it often draws even more attention to them. Cancel culture often neglects the possibility of redemption and personal growth. People can change, learn from their mistakes, and become better individuals. But in the court of cancel culture, once you're labeled, you're marked for life. The dark side of cancel culture with the false accusations and mob mentality can ruin innocent lives. It's a virtual version of the Salem Witch trials, where rumors and accusations c lead to real-world consequences without any concrete evidence. rumors and accusations can lead to real-world consequences without any concrete evidence. The line between justice and vigilantism becomes dangerously blurred. The hosts converse with their personal opinions about the shallowness of cancel and cringe culture. Cringe is like a crime…making fun of someone for being awkward or weird or alien. It’s a label for being different. Let’s not burn down bridges, let’s build them. Acknowledge that we live in a diverse world with different opinions. Let's CANCEL cancel culture together to embrace the complexity of human nature and strive for a more balanced and inclusive society!

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