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Enriching Urban Communities through Composting

Host Rose Sarner is back with her segment bite share where she discusses urban food policy, the importance of food access, and nutrition in general. Enriching local communities is critical. Strengthening social connectedness develops one's sense of belonging in their community, positively impacting health and well-being. Enriching Communities establishes Social Innovation by creating moments of connection outside of individuals daily lives and the busyness of society. Rose encourages composting to divert waste from landfills which will minimize the release of methane gases while improving soil. She provides in depth details on how to create a compost pile or use a community compost bin. Food scraps make the soil richer with increased nutrients. Nitrogen, carbon, air, and water are components of composting. Green plant material contains nitrogen. Brown materials (carbon) include leaves and paper. The best location for a compost bin is in the shade. If you are interested in learning to compost and save our planet, Rose has the inside scoop you’ll want to know.

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