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Garden Canvas in June

By Cynthia Brian "The world is but a canvas to the imagination." Henry David Thoreau With summer approaching quickly, June is possibly one of the busiest months. Graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, birthdays, vacations, swim meets, pool parties…it seems that these thirty days offer the most opportunities for celebrations. It is time to fire up the barbeque, sweep the patio, freshen the flowerbeds, and get ready for some serious fun. By growing your own food, you and your family will be healthier, happier, and enjoy more exercise. Get your children involved in the seed sowing, planting, and caring process to help them understand how food travels from the ground to the table. Allow your garden to become your artistic canvas to showcase your imagination and creativity throughout the summer. SEED SOWING This is a fun project to do with children providing pride in growing. Start with radishes, lettuces, kale, zinnias, marigolds, or beans as they germinate quickly. An edible garden is especially popular with young kids. ⎫ RECYCLE plastic six-packs, flats, and pots to use to grow your own seedlings. Wash well before beginning the process and make sure the drainage holes are not plugged. ⎫ HANG a shoe organizer on a sunny wall with the pockets filled to ¾ full with soil for a fun vertical garden that is especially excellent for herbs, lettuces, and other compact plants. ⎫ BUY sterile seed-starting mix, which doesn’t have any soil in it when you want to plant seeds in a container. ⎫ READ seed packets carefully. It’s critical to know how to plant each variety of seed, what amount of water, sunshine, and care it will need. You also want to know how big the plant will become. ⎫ PLANT extra seeds as many will not germinate. ⎫ KEEP seedlings moist or they will shrivel and die as summer approaches. Don’t over water or seeds will drown. ⎫ THIN as necessary. Discards the remnants to the compost bin. ⎫ FERTILIZE with organic micronutrients once a plant has several leaves. ⎫ TRANSPLANT when each plant is big enough to outgrow its planter. ⎫ REWARD yourself and your children with the harvest of vegetables or flowers. SUN SAFE TIPS: National Sun Safety Week is June 5-11th. ⎫ APPLY sunscreen daily and especially before going out into the garden. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. ⎫ WEAR a hat to protect your head and sunglasses to protect your eyes. ⎫ CHECK your skin for any abnormalities and see a physician if you suspect problems. FIREPROOF YOUR GARDEN It’s probably not possible to completely fire-proof any area, but follow guidelines issued by the fire protection districts to create defensible spaces no later than June 15th. ⎫ PREVENT embers from igniting your home in the event of a fire by clearing leaves, needles, and debris from gutters, eaves, porches, and decks. ⎫ REMOVE dead vegetation from under your deck and within ten feet of your home. ⎫ TRIM weeds and grasses to three inches. ⎫ PRUNE tree branches so that the lowest branches are between six-ten feet from the ground. ⎫ REDUCE “fire fuel laddering” by pruning to separate trees from bushes. ⎫ MAINTAIN your property and weed wack or pull any re-growth. Cynthia Brian’s Fresh Tips for Your June Garden ⎫ AVOID using pesticides and insecticides as they kill the beneficial insects along with the invasive. Bees, bats, and bugs that help our crops reproduce and flowers flourish can be destroyed. ⎫ DINE on nasturtium! For a stunning and delicious appetizer, roll curried egg salad into the peppery leaves of nasturtium. Add edible flowers to the platter. Delicious! ⎫ PACK your salads with nutritional vitamins A, C, K, iron, calcium, potassium, and folate by growing leafy greens such as frisee, mache, romaine, bok choy, arugula, and kale. Don’t forget to toss in radish and turnip tops, too, for an added crunch. ⎫ BUILD a raised bed for a low maintenance edible feast. Make sure to put mesh wire on the bottom to keep out the gophers, moles, and rats. Fill with clean soil for best results. ⎫ ADD a gently meandering dry creek with gravel and rocks to help with drainage, runoff, and provide a natural look to your landscaping. For a shaded area, plant with hosta, ferns, and lamium. ⎫ INVITE butterflies into your garden by providing a sunny spot for them to land, shrubs for shelter, masses of flowers for nectar, and a saucer of water for a sweet drink. Make sure to change the water daily so as not to attract mosquito larvae. ⎫ DEADHEAD roses as soon as flowers are spent to encourage continual re-blooming. This is one of the best years ever for the prolific showcase of these prize winners. ⎫ RECYCLE brown and green waste, fruit, vegetable scraps, coffee, and tea into a natural fertilizer. Make your own compost all year round to feed your plants. ⎫ PICK bouquets of vibrant sweet peas and clematis for long lasting fragrant arrangements to brighten your interiors as well as your outdoor dining areas. ⎫ GROW cymbidium orchids in containers located in a north or northwest location to enjoy annual blooms. Cymbidiums bloom for months, and can be brought indoors for further pleasure. When the spires fade, return the pots to the coolness of outdoors. ⎫ FERTILIZE rhododendrons, azaleas, roses, and camellias. ⎫ ENJOY your special celebrations in your charmingly re-freshed garden. ⎫ REFLECT your unique personality with your plantings and artistry. Be creative in the outdoors. It’s more fun! Congratulations to everyone who is graduating and commemorating a special occasion. Happy Father’s Day to all the dedicated dads, especially those who share the respect for Mother Nature with their children. Happy gardening. Happy growing! Read More at : New BTSYA BLOG: ©2016 Cynthia Brian The Goddess Gardener Starstyle® Productions, llc 925-377-STAR Tune into Cynthia’s Radio show at Garden and plant consultations by appointment.

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