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Metaverse Meets Be the Star You Are!®

Be the Star You Are!® has entered the realm beyond the stars with StarStyle Community NFTS discounted through 10/25. Each purchased NFT becomes your golden ticket to enjoy exclusive experiences.

The Metaverse Meets Be the Star You Are! MIRACLE MOMENT® “We are made of star stuff.” Carl Sagan A MESSAGE FROM FOUNDER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CYNTHIA BRIAN Do you have any idea what the metaverse is? Be the Star You Are!® has entered the realm beyond the stars! Basically the metaverse is an online simulation mimicking the contours of the real world where we live. It is a mix of virtual and augmented realities. Do I understand it? No! Do I want to understand and be a part of it? Yes! The good news for everyone is that the publisher of my newest book, and first children’s picture book, No Barnyard Buddies, has catapulted us into the metaverse via with the benefits going to Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity through the sales of NFTs. What are NFTs? Glad you asked because I didn’t know either. NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is a unique digital asset that is transactionalized through a shared ledger system known as the blockchain. What is a blockchain? A blockchain is a digitally distributed ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and information across a network. You can think of it as a decentralized or distributed database. Why should you be interested? Because only 200 NFTs have been created by the very talented and soon-to-be-a mega-star illustrator, Jensen Russell depicting characters from the new children’s book, No Barnyard Bullies. (Check out her gorgeous art @nowherejen on Instagram!)Through October 25th, these one-of-a-kind art illustrations are discounted to only $89.00 each. Each purchased NFT becomes your golden ticket to enjoy exclusive experiences. When you purchase an NFT, you become a member of the StarStyle® community. As a member, you are entitled to participate in exciting events exclusive to this community including hangouts, storytelling, book readings, sneak peeks, classes, discussions, and good old down-on-the-farm fun, all virtually from the comfort of your couch. On October 26th, the price increases and the first 200 NFTS “drop” meaning we get to see what we purchased. Your NFT is collectible, tradeable, and sellable, and best of all you can buy it using a credit card with no crypocurrency involved at Be the Star You Are!® and the populations of women, families, and youth that we serve reap the profits. Everyone wins! Because I want to be in the metaverse, I bought these NFTS and I can’t wait to see what art I purchased on October 26th. The book, No Barnyard Bullies, has been a mega sensation and we’ve had to order hundreds more copies to fill the orders. Make sure you get your copies and tell your friends. Visit and let me know how you want the books autographed. If you want to buy 30 or more copies, shoot me an email because you’ll get a better deal. Listen to Encouraging the Arts with special guest artist and illustrator, Jensen Russell. Hosted by Maggie with reporters Sharanya and Keerthi, discover how an art career begins in this creative hour on Express Yourself! Teen Radio. Listen to segment one of StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® to find out more about No Barnyard Bullies and the StarStyle Community on Read about No Barnyard Bullies: Read below for just a few of the upcoming exclusive experiences awaiting you when you buy an NFT benefitting Be the Star You Are!® Visit the facts page for answers to your questions! Thanks so much for your ongoing support! The metaverse is exciting! Jump in! We are made of star stuff! With gratitude, Cynthia Brian Founder/Executive Director Be the Star You Are!® PO Box 376 Moraga, California 94556 DONATE: EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES @ STARSTYLE® NFT COMMUNITY Your StarStyle® NFT purchase is your golden ticket into the fun, fabulous, and fantastic world of nature, animals, books, art, and inspiration. Here are a few of the exclusive experiences that await you:

  • October 5th 2022 – NFT Pre-Sale NFT Pre-Sale launches with 10% discount on purchases

  • October 26th 2022 – NFT DROP First Barnyard Bullies NFT DROP

  • Saturday, November 12th 4-6pm PT – In-Person Book Signing In-Person Book Signing at Point Richmond Art Gallery, 145 West Richmond Avenue, Point Richmond, California, 94801. Come meet Cynthia, enjoy refreshments, and FREE gift to NFT holders.

  • Sunday, November 6th 1pm PT/4pm ET – First ZOOM hangout with Cynthia Brian and Special Guest First ZOOM hangout with Cynthia Brian and special guest, illustrator Jensen Russell. Find out the true story about the animals behind the book No Barnyard Bullies and how the illustrator interpreted the events. Ask questions and get answers.

  • Monday, November 21st 2pm PT/5pm ET – “Thanksgiving is Everyday” “Thanksgiving is Everyday” Zoom discussion about how to be grateful with Cynthia Brian

  • Sunday, December 18th 4pm PT/7pm ET – Virtual Wine Experience and class Virtual Wine Experience and class with Sommelier Heather Brittany

  • January 2023 – ZOOM Sneak peek of next book in the Stella Bella series ZOOM Sneak peek of next book in the Stella Bella series. Learn how you can have the opportunity to name a character in the book or dedicate the book to someone you love.

  • February 2023 – Share the love. Share the love. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Cynthia will be reading from one of her books.



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