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Stories Sell, Freedom Flowers, Voting Scams

Tune in LIVE weekly to the upbeat, positive lifestyle broadcast where producer and host Cynthia Brian showcases strategies for success on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®. Available wherever you listen to your favorite programs!

What do flowers and freedom have in common? Join the Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian as she shares ways to celebrate our national pride during July while reflecting our loyalty to “Old Glory”. Cue the fireworks!

Matthew Dicks, author of Stories Sell offers a guide to using the power of storytelling for success in business of all types and sizes, whether you’re an online marketer, advertising professional, salesperson in any field, small business owner, independent contractor, or Fortune 500 executive.

Elections are happening this year and the scammers and spammers are out in force. Law enforcement warns about voter registration scams, AI candidate impersonations, fake campaign contribution sites, and more. Don’t let your passion for politics drain your bank account or steal your identity.


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Bio: Matthew Dicks

Matthew Dicks is the author of Stories Sell and eight other books. A bestselling novelist, nationally recognized storyteller, and award-winning elementary schoolteacher, he teaches storytelling and communications at universities, corporate workplaces, and community organizations. Dicks has won multiple Moth GrandSLAM story competitions and, together with his wife, created the organization Speak Up to help others share their stories. They also cohost the Speak Up Storytelling podcast. He lives in Connecticut with his family. Website:

Twitter/X: @matthewdicks

Instagram: matthewdicks

Pinterest: Matthewdicks 

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