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Teresa Watkins Interviews Cynthia Brian about Book, No Barnyard Bullies.

It was a 5 am PT radio interview, and I was awake and jazzed to be invited! Thanks to Teresa Watkins and Dr. Gary Bachman for the interview on Better Homes and Gardens with a discussion on how to stop bullying. Find out the inside true story behind No Barnyard Bullies. Tune in

Florida’s most popular garden expert, Teresa Watkins answers your gardening questions on Better Lawns and Gardens. Listen every Saturdays from 7am - 9am EST on WFLA- Orlando and on Audioboom podcast 24/7.

Better Lawns and Gardens Hour 2 – Coming to you from Summit Responsible Solutions Studios, Garden expert and host Teresa Watkins and guest host, Dr. Gary Bachman, Urban Nano Farm grower, discuss with Garden Goddess and Executive Producer of “Be The Star You Are”, Cynthia Brian, on her newly published book, “No Barnyard Bullies.”


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