• Cynthia Brian

The Gift of Practice and Gentleness

Dallas woodburn

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” - Vince Lombardi

With anything you attempt, you can become good, or at least competent in as few as 20 hours, or achieve excellence in 10,000 with practice, practice, practice. Jack Pawlakos and Joven Hundal host an insightful program on the importance of positive practice. The chapter of The Gift of Practice by Brigitte Jia from the book, Be the Star You Are! Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World where Brigitte recounts the consequences of not preparing for an important audition. Award winning author and nurturing writing coach Dallas Woodburn reads her chapter, The Gift of Gentleness, then offers advice for young aspiring writers as she shares personal experiences with being gentle and positive with creatives. Dallas helps people give birth to the books that are burning inside them through her acclaimed 90-Day Book Breakthrough Program (www.yourbookbreakthrough.com) In Trends without Ends, Jack provides the research on the necessity of practice. The biggest hurdle to mastering any skill is yourself!

BIO: Dallas Woodburn is an author, writing coach, and "book doula" who is passionate about spreading the joys of reading and writing. Her collection of short stories Woman, Running Late, in a Dress (Yellow Flag Press) won the 2018 Cypress & Pine Short Fiction Award and her debut YAnovel, The Best Week That Never Happened, is forthcoming from Month 9 Books in 2020. She has also written extensively for newspapers and magazines. Dallas lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Allyn, and they are expecting their first baby in November. www.dallaswoodburnauthor.com, www.yourbookbreakthrough.com

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