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Disabilities and Assistive Devices

Hosts Keerthi and Julia spotlight disabilities and assistive devices in this very informational hour of Express Yourself!. In Julia’s segment, Passion In Action, she shares innovative assistive devices to help you learn and also discusses how you can create your own, through the power of passion, innovation and entrepreneurship. She takes us on an exciting adventure into the realm of assistive devices, where innovation transforms learning. From audio tools that make textbooks come alive to Max Ash's fun-filled Mug With A Hoop, Julia emphasizes that passion and creativity are the ingredients to change.

In segment two, Julia and Keerthi interview Robert Chong from Shanghai about his research into low vision and 11 current state-of-the-art assistive devices for individuals with low vision. Robert compares all assistive devices and illustrates areas where devices could be improved on in future iterations to enhance user experience. He shares his critical findings that all assistive devices attempted to aid individuals either through enhancing their abilities to complete specific tasks, or daily tasks in general. Factors like high costs hinder accessibility. Lastly, apart from device functionalities, social implications such as social acceptance also affect user experience.

In the third segment, our Nerd Extraordinaire, Keerthi discusses disabilities and diseases that require assistive devices and explains how assistive devices change the lives of people with disabilities and redefine normalcy. With the right assistive device, anything becomes achievable, and assistive devices aren't just objects: they're signs of unity and resilience.

You have the power to shape the future and make a difference in people's

lives! So, dream big, think boldly, and let your creativity guide you on

this exciting journey. Be an innovator, ignite change, and together, we can

transform the world for the better!

Bio: Robert Chong

- Robert Chong is a 17-year-old rising Senior at Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China. His interests lie in VEX robotics, competitive public speaking, and history. Specifically, he’s interested in how engineering and design could be used to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. In the summer of 2022, along with mentor Elizabeth Bianchini, Robert wrote a review paper on the different assistive devices for low vision individuals. His paper has been published in the Curieux Academic Journal. This summer, Robert is currently interning at Fourier Intelligence, a Chinese company specialized in the field of rehabilitative robotics. During his free time, Robert loves playing tennis, basketball, and soccer with his friends, and also taking a walk outside in his neighborhood. Check out his research at


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