• Cynthia Brian

Groundhog Day. Rose Pruning, Return to the Office, Space Flight

Punxsutawney Phil celebrated Groundhog Day with thousands in Pennsylvania and he did not see his shadow, so we have another six weeks. of winter. Find out the history of Groundhog Day.

It’s the season to prune your roses. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, encourages you to take on the task joyfully because there are no mistakes to be made. Get out your shears and loppers and give your roses their winter cut.

Are you working remotely? Is it time to go back into the office? The future of work is flexibility. Is there a way for in-person working to be less stressful? Employers and employees want to figure out the best way to the future.

If money was no object, would you buy a ticket on a rocket to outer space? Traveling to the outer limits of the universe requires physical and mental conditioning far more extreme than most people ever imagine. We are shooting for the stars!

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