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Importance of Water


Why is water so important? About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water. Water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and in humans and animals. Hosts Rose and Hannah talk with reporters Sharanya, Kirpa, and Nihal about the meaning of H2O. Sharanya reads an original poem, Kirpa discusses public health, Nihal reports on droughts and how to minimize water usage, while Rose and Hannah have a conversation about the extreme effects of climate change and global warming. No one can deny that our planet is warming and our glaciers, rivers, and lakes are diminishing. We must ALL do our part to save our world and all humanity. Without water, everything on Earth perishes.

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