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Life Lessons with Julia

Express Yourself!™ will catapult you to the stars as host Julia provides us with fabulous life lessons, both from her life and those from renowned individuals. Julia kicks off the show with 9 hilarious tips for surviving the school day. She gives her favorite back-to-school tips, from bathrooms to biology class. In segment two, Julia dives into the world of scientific research, explaining the concepts of "grit" and "growth mindset." She reminds us that life lessons like perseverance and determination are powered by new, groundbreaking research. In the last segment, Julia gives us the life lessons of famous innovators, like what Steve Jobs did when he got fired from his own company or how Leonardo Da Vinci prototyped scuba gear 300 years before it was invented. For rocking, rolling, rollicking great time, tune in to Express Yourself!™ with host Julia!

Bio: Julia

A volunteer with Be the Star You Are 50 c3 charity and exhilarating host of the teen radio broadcast, Express Yourself™, Julia Howe is a sophomore from San Francisco, with a passion for entrepreneurship and understanding how ordinary people can build extraordinary things.

She actively participates in the Whatever It Takes Teen program, where she holds conversations with successful startup owners and learns from their experiences. Julia also

finds joy in music, singing in the 5-time GRAMMY award-winning San Francisco Girls Chorus, and conducting research on the beneficial effects of music for language learning. You can find her training for her latest 10k and exploring nature in her spare time.

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