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Malibu Summer, Cherries and June Blooms, Living Longer


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Looking for a fantastic summer read? Check out Libby Gill’s newest novel, Malibur Summer. Ivy Bauer is a young scientist who has invented a game-changing irrigation solution. When her husband dies unexpectedly, she takes a job as gardener on the Malibu estate of down-on-his-luck television producer Conrad Reed. When Ivy and Conrad meet, it's a clash made in heaven! Cynthia and Libby chat about her inspiration!

Life may be a bowl of cherries, but who is getting the majority of the harvest? Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian shares her struggles with sharing her summer fruits and talks about the beautiful blooms of summer.

You have probably heard of the Blue Zones where many inhabitants live past 100 years of age! If you want to live healthy for a century or more, perhaps adopting the practices of these people needs to be on our radar. Let’s find out how we can enjoy longevity with vigor and bliss!

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Bio: Libby Gill

Libby Gill is a former television executive whose first career was heading communications for television divisions at Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting. She is an award-winning author of six non-fiction books, including You Unstuck and The Hope-Driven Leader. Her debut novel, MALIBU SUMMER, was published by Penguin Random House on May 21, 2024.

In her prior career, Libby was an executive coach, leadership expert, and international speaker for more than 20 years, and has delivered keynotes on four continents and in 41 US states. She has appeared on the CBS Early Show, CNN, NPR, the Today Show and in Good Housekeeping, the New York Times, O Magazine, Self, Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

 After many years living in Los Angeles, Libby and her husband relocated to Oregon’s Rogue Valley, where she hikes, gardens and attempts to learn golf.,


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