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NFTS and Happy New Year!

As we begin a New Year, host British Keerthi provides a breakdown on the different types of debate styles. She then turns into American Keerthi to interview Ally and Emma Chen about NFTS. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, prove to be a more eccentric innovation than controversial Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Famous for its multimillion dollar sales in 2021, NFTs arose as the world shifted to virtual life, work, and school. Although simply a jpeg of digital art with so-called “copyrights” for the artist, the technology behind these codes with digital graphics have far more benefit for aspiring artists. Relying on the technology of cryptocurrency, NFTs provide ownership rights features allowing artists to make passive income off of their works. However, skeptics debate whether NFTs are simply an overrated fad or a prosperous invention for future generations. Before you form an opinion, tune in to learn about the technology behind NFTs and its future with teen artists.

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Happy New Year!!

Bio: Ally and Emma Chen

As rising high school students in the 2020 quarantine, Ally and Emma Chen designed an initiative to benefit youth in healthcare environments through their childhood interest: art. Their initiative sprouted into a nonprofit organization named Youth Creativity Project that is focused on donating art resources to local hospitals. Through YCP, they expanded their artistic passion into other fields of interests, such as volunteering. While trying to develop new fundraising options, they came across a peculiar new technology coined “Non-fungible Tokens.” This new innovation sparked their interest, and they began to explore the cross sections between arts and economics through NFTs. They hope to one day apply the knowledge and potential of NFTs to our nonprofit as a fundraising option. Website: YouthCreativityProject.Org

Social media: @allych3n, @emm4chen, @YouthCreativityProject

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