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No Barnyard Bullies, StarStyle NFT Community, Amazon RainForest, Teacher Burnout

Nobody likes a bully. Not even in the animal kingdom! Bestselling author, actor, and radio personality, Cynthia Brian, debuts her first book in the children’s picture book series, Stella Bella’s Barnyard Adventures, with her charming true-life cadre of characters and endearing illustrations in No Barnyard Bullies, a colorful book about learning to be kind and inclusive. Buy books at Buy NFTS with characters from the book at Get ready for fun in the metaverse with exclusive experiences included with each StarStyle® NFT.

Incremental deforestation of the Amazon has increased dramatically over the past three years due to President Bolsonaro’s aggressive efforts to build more roads, reduce oversight of agro-business, and undermine laws protecting Indigenous land. Can the Amazon be saved?

There is an epidemic in the USA of teacher burnout. Why are teachers so unhappy and why are so many leaving the teaching field? Is political posturing causing part of the crisis? Are we in a culture war regarding topics to be taught?

RECENTLY PUBLISHED BOOK: No Barnyard Bullies. Available at or


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