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Sexting, Nutrition and Fads, School Success

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Sexting. Do people, especially teens know the risks and do they think this is harmful or normal. Sexting has a dark side and is there an upside? We’ll look at the sexting and the elements of empowerment that some feel.

Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio host of Passion in Action, Julia Howe, offers tips to students on getting through going back to school. Make sure to tune in to her special hour of life lessons:

What is nutritious and what is not? Do you know how to identify a fad diet? Myths are everywhere about what can help us be healthier. Let’s investigate the facts and the fiction.

BIO: Julia Howe

Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio host and reporter of Passion in Action, Julia Howe is a sophomore from San Francisco, with a passion for entrepreneurship and understanding how ordinary people can build extraordinary things. She actively participates in the Whatever It Takes Teen program, where she holds conversations with successful startup owners and learns from their experiences. Julia also finds joy in music, singing in the 5-time GRAMMY award-winning San Francisco Girls Chorus, and conducting research on the beneficial effects of music for language learning. You can find her training for her latest 10k and exploring nature in her spare time. Listen to her Life Lessons with Julia:

Listen at the Voice America Network, Empowerment Channel:


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