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Social Justice, Activism, and Valentina


Do you understand what it means to be an activist ? To promote social justice, one is aware of their community and their

community's needs. An activist can be anyone who cares about a cause. Hosts Ruhani

and Rose tackle these touchy topics. Ruhani reports on critical social justice and activism

movements outside this country including the farmer’s movement in India, women’s

right to drive in Saudi Arabia, Ni Una Menos in Argentina, fighting for

democracy in Hong Kong, and several others. Rose shares details of her favorite

activists in the healthy food movement, including chefs and farmers. They both

interview budding pop/AC recording artist, Valentina, with her newest single, Lifted

Me.  The upbeat, positive song follows suit to reveal the

eighteen-year-old as an accomplished stylist, songwriter and performer who is

devoted to delivering music with heart and purpose, as introduced by her

debut, There’s No Stopping Me Now. You’ll

get to a sneak peek at these two empowering anthems. The three ladies believe

in standing up for social justice. Enjoy the show! 



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BIO: Valentina Cherico

Pittsburgh, PA native Valentina Natalena Cherico (Valentina) grew up in a musical family; her father and older sister assembled a group called “Casanova” and Valentina spent her youth watching and listening to her family members perform.With a natural flair for acting, Valentina pursued a career in musical theater early on. She attendedLincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School to hone her talents in acting, vocal performance and dance. She appeared in musicals at The Strand Theater, The Comtra Theater and as a member of the Pittsburgh CLO; and quickly became successful in various roles working beside Broadway actors. Inspired by the “power of music” and song, Valentina’s interest in music expanded beyond musical theater. Driven by her passion, she redirected her concentration to write and perform. She studied piano and joined the family band, renamed as “Casanova and The Divas;” the band plays at festivals, nightclubs and country clubs, and local corporate and community events. As part of her solo endeavor, Valentina is also a model and actress. Her musical journey has led her to

work with renowned music producers in Pittsburgh, Nashville and New York. She recorded her first original tune, “There’s No Stopping Me,” alongside Grammy nominated and multi-award winning music producer, Roy Hamilton, III. The empowering tune made its debut in August 2021. Inspired by her musical idols (Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and Selena Quintanilla), Valentina infuses shades of Pop, R&B, Gospel and soul into her vocal performances and musical productions. With the objective to create music that “moves, heals and lifts” people, the young entertainer’s ability to connect with her audience through her music is a God given gift.






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