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Storms and Garden Trends #2, Food for Living, Choosing Edibles

For the past three-plus weeks, Northern California has endured intense storms (bombogenesis) with strong winds and extreme precipitation. Substantial atmospheric rivers caused flooding, mudslides, debris flows, and power outages. Rock-filled dry creeks are raging, trees have been uprooted, and many residences required sandbags as protection from the heavy showers. Although it’s always best to adopt classic styles, knowing what is trending is fun. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, shares part two of trends in the garden for 2023.

Throughout the centuries, food has not only nourished our bodies, but it has also been a salve for our soul. The way to our hearts is often through our stomachs. Find out why food is a gift, why we choose specific things to eat, what is healthy and what is not. Do certain cultures offer healthier choices? Do you know what food could fight disease? Whatever the occasion, dining is normally the center of the event, or at least, the favorite part.

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