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Support Freedom. Stand with Ukraine


MIRACLE MOMENT® “I’m fed up with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” George S. McGovern A MESSAGE FROM FOUNDER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CYNTHIA BRIAN For several weeks now, we have witnessed a deranged madman targeting innocent civilians in their homes, schools, hospitals, and shelters in an effort to illegally and forcefully conquer the sovereign nation of Ukraine. All but a handful of countries have denounced the former KGB operative, Putin, in his mission to scorch the earth. Zelensky, the President of Ukraine is the hero leading his country to fight for freedom, never giving up and never giving in. The Russian people are being lied to while Ukraine is the shield of Europe. Pre-1991, I spent two months in a study program designed to work with the artistic community behind “The Iron Curtain”. The trip turned out not to be a lesson in freedom of expression as I soon found out, but a study of manipulation and indoctrination. My fantasy of artists working in harmony and with a free spirit was quickly crushed. We went to the museums, circuses, theater, ballet, and gymnastic competitions, but the happy exchange of artistic ideas was nonexistent. The only beauty I witnessed was pre-1917. The cities were gray, the sky was gray, the clothing was gray, the sugary tea was gray. Life was dismal and gray. People cued in long lines for everything. Everyone appeared forlorn and beaten down. It appeared that anything pleasurable was forbidden to the common citizen. Gray seemed to be the national color in the USSR, with an occasional welcome flash of a fuchsia babushka. After two months behind the "Iron Curtain," I knew how appropriate the name was. It was impenetrable. Human emotions and ambitions were crushed in the name of an ideal. Life might have been egalitarian, but it was miserable, merely existence. Citizens performed the jobs they were assigned at preset wages and could not move around or leave the country. America is not perfect - no country is. America is a work-in-progress, a country constantly struggling to balance rights with responsibilities and to maintain a level of freedom and justice for all. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be born in a land that allows me the ability to travel the world, witnessing the cultures and lifestyles of other nations, and then to return to a country that welcomes my expression. Yes, I am proud to be an American! And I am proud to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people . The world cannot allow the war criminal Putin to return any part of the world to the days of the Iron Curtain. Freedom is never free. We must fight for it. Support and STAND in Solidarity with Ukraine. Sending strength to our friends flying yellow and blue. Praying for peace, Cynthia Brian Founder/Executive Director Be the Star You Are!® PO Box 376 Moraga, California 94556 DONATE: READ Boots on the Ground with blooms for the brave. Spring into solidarity with Ukraine by planting or arranging flowers in colors of yellow and blue. SPOTLIGHT ON NEW TEEN REPORTER, KEVIN CHOO Kevin Choo is a sophomore at Amador Valley High School. His favorite subjects are Math, Computer Science, and Biology. In addition, he enjoys playing badminton and reading books. He speaks Korean, English, and French. He was taught the first two from birth since he is of Korean descent but was born in the U.S.A., while the last is from an elective class he is taking. He has lived in Pleasanton, California his entire life but has traveled to several places for summer vacations, with his personal favorite being Switzerland. He is relatively introverted and turtle-like, so unless he is contacted or prodded first, he tends to be holed up in the shell he calls his room. His favorite type of day is when it’s raining, and he is free for the entire day. That way, he can stay cozy in his room, reading a good book or watching Youtube while listening to the pattering of the rain. He is also fairly absent-minded or air-headed most of the time, but very efficient when he puts his mind to something.| His segment on Express Yourself is A.I. and Us, about the ramifications of artificial intelligence. Listen to his first broadcast FREE VIRTUAL WONDERS MAGIC SHOW on April 23, NOON PT Direct from the Emerald Isle, one of Ireland's premiere professional magicians, Simon Ryan, will perform an interactive FREE virtual magic show for all ages. You'll be entertained with card tricks, comedy, and mind reading fun. FREE, virtually, on Zoom. Be part of the fun. Tell your friends and family to sign up now! One Day Only! Info and Register for FREE Email registration: TEEN RADIO CREATOR/PRODUCER, CYNTHIA BRIAN, NAMED UNSUNG HERO Producing a successful radio broadcast is time-intensive, challenging work. The editors of Podcast Magazine chose 22 podcast and radio professionals to honor as Unsung Heroes in its March 2022 issue and Voice American Network veteran producer and host, Cynthia Brian, is among those being celebrated. Read about the Unsung Heroes: See Press Pass for details: BTSYA HONORED AS TOP NONPROFIT Congratulations! Be The Star You Are Inc has earned a spot on the 2022 Top-Rated NonProftt List from GreatNonprofits and is one of the first charities to win this award this year. The community has shared their inspiring stories about the work of Be the Star You Are!®. Thank you for this honor. FREE WRITING WORKSHOP Writing With the Stars is a FREE online creative writing workshop for kids ages 9-14 hosted by Express Yourself! Teen Radio Host Ruhani Chhabra. Registration and info SIMPLE WAYS TO HELP!We have suggestions for you to shop, save, and stay safe. Please use these web sites for all of your shopping essentials. 1. AmazonSmile donates .5% of purchases 2. 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