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Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

"Artificial intelligence is the brush that paints the canvas of possibility, blending innovation with imagination to craft a future limited only by our dreams." - Chat GPT

Education is critical to success. Host Julia and reporter of “A.I. and Us,” Kevin, talk about how A.I. can and does affect our lives and can be used in the classroom. Almost two centuries ago, what was taught was math, science, reading, writing, history, and foreign languages, and that hasn’t changed at all, not even what aspects of it were taught. At most, some topics were removed and some added, a few new textbooks here and there, but nothing meaningful. Artificial intelligence can integrate into the current curriculum, and have the curriculum adapt to it, and by extension, the rest of modern society. Technology has no limits, but humans do. Julia shares her experience and that of other students and teachers using A.I. She also asked ChatGPT to write an opening as the host of a radio show. It responded “Welcome, listeners, to today's special broadcast focusing on the use of ChatGPT in schools. I'm your host, Chat GPT, and I'm thrilled to guide you through this exploration of how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing education.” She exhibits how ChatGPT writes glorious poetry and very funny jokes. Julia was able to show the strengths and weaknesses of Chat GPT, including how the response was boring and non-engaging. The bottom line is that A.I. CAN be useful in the classroom. It’s what you DO with it, that makes a difference. 




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