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Be the Star You Are! Charity Honored by California Legislature

The volunteers of local Moraga charity, Be the Star You Are!® were honored with a Certificate of Recognition for twenty years of dedicated community service by the California Legislature Assembly. As a top rated 501 c3 non-profit dedicated to increasing literacy, improving positive media messages, and providing tools for living for women, families, and youth, Be the Star You Are!® has no paid staff and is operated solely with 100% volunteers, most of whom are teenagers. The outreach programs to empower others including disaster relief services, book reviewing, and radio production were designed by local teens. One of its two radio programs, Express Yourself!® is broadcast with teen hosts and reporters as a way to give young people an uncensored voice while learning leadership skills. Be the Star You Are!® has also published a trilogy of uplifting books, with two of the books, Be the Star You Are! for Teens and Be the Star You Are! Millennials to Boomers boasting contributions from numerous young volunteers with all proceeds benefiting the charity. Teens are encouraged to apply for positions and receive community service credits. Volunteers continue to live up to their motto of “communicate, collaborate, innovate.” Congratulations to the volunteers and supporters of Be the Star You Are!® for twenty years of working to make our world a smarter, happier, and kinder place. For information visit and


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