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Planting Tips, Mind Mastery, King Cash

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So many of the flowers, bushes, trees, and vines that we use in our gardens can be both good and bad. Some plants that are excellent in one yard are a disaster in someone else’s landscape. Most of these plants are sold at nurseries and garden centers. The key is knowing what will be best for your garden. Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, shares her expertise.

Do you want to reach your goals and live your dreams? There are ways to inspire and motivate ourselves through evidence-based approaches. Decrease stress, boost your self-care, and visualize your way to success.

Be mindful!

Market conditions have been changing swiftly this year. Banks have gone belly-up. Do you have a cash reserve to weather the storms? Find out why cash can be king when you need to move quickly or have an emergency.

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