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Teen Crisis, Fixing Sprinklers, Spring Gardening

America’s teens are in crisis and more distressed than ever before. Levels of sadness and suicide is on the rise according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Let’s start a conversation on how to help.

Is your landscape irrigated with sprinklers? Are they in working order? It’s time to check the valves, pipes, sprayers, and drips. Save water and your garden!

Throw open your windows! Inhale the sweet smells of the blossoms. Flocks of doves have begun their annual aerial acrobats, raptors are kettling in the warmer thermals, cows are happily grazing on the green grass, and bees are buzzing and pollinating. The hills are emerald, the creeks are flowing, and sunny daffodils brighten our roadways. Spring is in the air!

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