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Educational Inequities and School Funding

"Until we get equality in education, we won’t have equality in society.” - Sonia Sotomayor

Host Keerthi tackles educational inequalities and the rollercoaster of school funding in today’s program. She compares finding a balanced approach to cutting three cakes to ensure educational resources are allocated fairly, taking into consideration the unique circumstances and needs of each school district In the mission to tackle educational inequities. Doing this is not a one-size fits all. Keerthi interviews teen research, Ethan Zhang, who believes we must prioritize addressing disparities in school funding. Underprivileged communities often lack the necessary resources to provide quality education to their students. As a result, many students are denied the chance to participate in enriching extracurricular activities, receive individualized attention, and fully develop their academic and interpersonal skills. We must create a level playing field, guaranteeing each student an equal opportunity to unlock their complete academic potential and pave the way for a brighter future. Express Yourself!™ is excited to introduce a new reporter, Rory Cox, with his segment, The Breakdown, where he’ll talk about important issues affecting young people in the world. In today’s show, Rory discusses CTE in contact sports. CTE, which stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, is a type of dementia that comes from receiving hits to the head continuously over the course of your life. Because the cause of CTE comes from being hit repeatedly in the head, people who play contact sports such as football, boxing, Lacrosse, soccer, hockey, and wrestling, will have a higher risk of developing CTE in their brains. He proposes that the American Academy of Pediatrics creates a standard that during an annual visit Pediatricians ask their patients and their parents if they are engaging in contact sports. If the answer is yes, a certain protocol regarding the discussion of the risks and preventive measures for CTE should be put in place in conjunction with schools. Everyone deserves an adequate education and school policies that keep everyone safe, regardless of their zip code.

Bio: Ethan Zhang

Ethan Zhang, a high school senior, confronts educational inequities by addressing school funding disparities. His mission is to ensure equal opportunities for every student, empowering them to reach their full potential. Ethan advocates for better resources, qualified teachers, and preserving extracurricular activities. Through engaging in collaborative efforts, conducting public outreach, and offering free math tutoring, he strives to create a fair and inclusive learning environment. Ethan strives to inspire others to join his cause and together, leave an indelible mark on the community, transforming education for a brighter future.

Bio: Rory Cox

Rory is a sophomore in high school who enjoys playing basketball and has a deep love for all types of music. Rory’s other interests include science, reading, video games, sports medicine, and cooking shows, along with watching any sort of show involving superpowers. He has grown to have a passion for reporting over the past few years and he is not opposed to discussing any topic that comes to mind. Rory is grateful to have the opportunity to reach out to all of you listeners and is looking forward to making an impact on the airways. His segment is called The Breakdown.

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