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Quantum Computing

The history of the universe is, in effect, a huge and ongoing quantum computation.

The universe is a quantum computer.” - Seth Lloyd

Quantum computing is a budding field that has been receiving a lot of attention recently due its immense potential for solving complex, previously unsolvable problems at high speeds. At the quantum level, objects act differently: quantum objects can teleport, entangle, or occupy different spaces at the same time. Host Keerthi starts the program discussing qubits. These qubits can exist in multiple states at the same time, thanks to a phenomenon called superposition. She then interviews teen Adelina Chau, an active researcher in quantum machine learning for drug discovery with several published works, Adelina is excited to discuss what the field is all about, where its potential and applications lie, and what her work has been about. By sharing her experience in learning and researching quantum computing, she hopes to inspire other teenagers to explore this fascinating, growing field. In our final segment, Rory, who challenges us to consider the moral and ethical implications of technology, as well as the effects of technology upon our national security in the United States. One of the biggest concerns is that quantum computing can render all of our current cybersecurity and encryption useless. Quantum computing will be able to crack encryption on everything from banking transactions and confidential emails to things like blockchain. If you wonder if the risks outweigh the benefits, tune in for our discussion.

Bio: Adelina Chau

Adelina is a high school senior from San Jose, California with a deep passion for quantum computing and machine learning. As an active researcher in both fields, she has most notably conducted research in quantum machine learning for drug discovery and computational microscopy and has accumulated her work in 4 conference proceedings and 2 papers. Outside of research, she serves as the President of her school’s Computer Science Club and Chinese Culture Club, Vice President of Business Club, and Head of Business of the FRC Team 1351. Having organized gender-focused hackathons Horizon and Spark, she is deeply committed to promoting gender diversity in engineering. Ultimately, with anything she does, she is always striving to make the world a better place.

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